It's Time to Make a Change

Dear Friends,

I'm sure that this may come as a surprise to many of our loyal friends and customers, but after much thought and consideration, we have decided it is time to make a change. You deserve better and we deserve better.

First, let me give you a little inside knowledge to our industry. The adult product industry is saturated with companies, websites, and sellers who dropship. Here is the thing to understand about dropshipping....Dropshippers do not hold onto inventory. Dropshippers do not ship the inventory. Dropshippers don't attend industry events and conventions. Dropshippers don't even care what the products are on their website as long as there are thousands of items on their website they can make a buck on. And so dropshippers are causing a race to the bottom in pricing which in turn is causing a race to the bottom in customer service. We have decided to not play that game anymore. 

We consider ourselves to be a friend to the Adult Product Industry. We attend the events. We play by the rules set by distributors and manufacturers. We hold inventory and we ship the products. We care about the integrity and quality of the brands that we sell. 

So here is our plan. We are not going to be using a feed from distributors to our website. Instead, we are going to hand pick the products that we feel our best. We will store that inventory and give you the best customer service and experience possible. We will also give you the best pricing that we can while maintaining the integrity of the brands we carry. 

This is going to be a slow process as we add one product at a time. Buying toys online is hard! So we are going to do what we can to make the process easier by having a lot more than just stock photographs and descriptions. 

So please be patient with us. I promise that good things are coming.

Your Friends,

J & E